Remark: If you are a Registered Client from previous payments PLEASE login first using the Login Form on the right of our website!


Payment Process

  1. The process starts by opening the web page link “Payments”.

There the visitor has to enter correctly the element FILE No. That is written on the pro forma that has been sent to him by the Company “Aristotle Travel Ltd.” (Aristotle Travel).

Afterwards he has to enter the agreed amount of payment, that is either the whole amount of the pro forma or a part of it. The amount is always in Euro currency. The amount entered can be either integral or contain decimal digits. At the English edition of the site “” the decimal digits are articulated either by comma (,) or by full stop(.) after the integral part and must contain until two digits. At the Greek edition of the site the decimal digits are articulated necessarily by comma.

After the insertion of these two elements you must check the button “Add to cart” to proceed.

  1. After the above referred process, the system is automatically leaded to the web page “Payments Cart".

The proforma to be paid together with the element FILE No., its amount and the totals appear in a table at this page.

The visitor has the following choices:

  1. To add also other pro forma to be paid. In this case, clicking at the button “Add more invoices to cart” he is automatically leaded again to the page “Payments” where he can enter the FILE No. and the amount of other pro forma, so by pushing the button “Add to cart” he is leaded again to the page “Payments Cart” where he will now see all the pro forma with their amounts that he chose and is asked to pay.
  2. Pushing the button“Empty Cart” to empty the Payments Cart of the pro forma that he has entered and start the process from the beginning.
  3. Pushing the button “Proceed to Checkout” he can proceed to the final payment of the pro forma he chose.
  1. Process of payment completion

When the visitor pushes the button “Proceed to Checkout” he is automatically leaded to the page “Checkout”. This includes the following steps:

Step 1: Enter Client’s or Guest’s data

The Visitor can choose:

  1. This section must be used if a "Registered" Client has not previously logged in with the Login Form on the right part of the website. At the section «Returning Customer» to enter the Username and the Password in case he is already registered in the system from previous payments. This will help him not to enter again his data demanded for the payment completion. In case he has lost or forgotten his password he can click the choice “Forgot your password?” so the procedure is that he will receive an email with a new password defined by the system. It is important the username and the password to be carefully kept by the client so that to avoid this procedure.
  2. At the section “New Customer” to choose the “Register account”and enter in a form that will be presented tohim for the first time the data demanded for the payment completion. The data with asterisk (*) are obligatory.
  3. At the same section to choose the “Checkout as Guest” so he will have again to enter in a form that will appear the data demanded for the payment completion. The data with asterisk (*) are obligatory.
  4. We would like to note that this method will oblige the visitor to enter his data every time he has not proceeded to “Register account” and he chooses this method.

At any case he has to push the button “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Address of charge

Here the client or guest will be asked to certify his data that he has just entered or are registered in the system from a previous time. If he wants he can for the certain payment, choose “Create a new address” and add a new group of address data in a form that will appear.

Once this step is completed he has to push again the button “Continue”.

Step 3: Way of Payment

At this step the only way of payment that provides for payment via “Credit/Debit/Prepaid card thru Piraeus Bank” is the default, by credit or debit card Visa-MasterCard-Maestro, Dinners, American Express.

At this step the client or guest can note something he would like to be included in his payment (text).

It is required to tick the checkbox by which the client or visitor declares that he agrees with the “Terms & Conditions of the site “”, terms that he must have read before he reaches this point of the process.

Then you must press “continue”.

Step 4: Confirmation of Payment

At this step, the table of the pro forma to be paid appears analytically (if there is more than one) and the client or visitor is asked to press ‘Pay now”.

After this press, you are automatically transferred to the relevant payment screen of Piraeus Bank by the safe method Redirection.

There you must confirm the payment amount and enter your payment card data. Note that by this method of connection clients’ or guest’ card data are not kept in the site “” but this is exclusively a matter of the bank.

You can complete the name of the holder’s card exactly as it appears on the card, as also your e-mail, so that to be informed by the bank for the payment.

The basic choice after the completion of the above is the final payment, which is accomplished by pressing ‘Payment”.

There is also the choice to cancel payment, by pressing «cancel payment».

In any case concerning:

  • The final choice and its approval by the Bank,or
  • In case you cancel the payment

Directly or automatically in some seconds the bank’s payment screen takes the visitor back to the site “” and then to the page “Payment Result” where the client or guest is informed about the success or failure or cancel of the payment.

At any case, by returning to site “” the Payment Cart is empty. If the payment has been cancelled or failed, the process must begin from the start.

Description-Operations of basic web pages or popup dialogue boxes

  • Web page“Payment Result”

As referred above, after the connection to Piraeus Bank, you are transferred back to the web page “Payment Result” of the site.

Here appears the message of “success payment” or the message “the payment failed or cancelled”.

Also the expression “Go to Payments History at the page-> My account” where there is a relevant link.

  • Web page “My Account”

This page is extremely important. It concerns the clients that have created an account and those who payed or tried to pay “as guests”.

For the registered clients:

  • To enter this page insert User’s name and Password.
  • There are two tabs:
    • At the 1st all the succeeded, failed or cancelled payments attempts of the certain client are enlisted.
    • At the 2ndthe client’s data and the registered payment addresses that he has created are referred. The client has also the chance to change or correct his account’s or addresses’ data.

For the not registered clients, that is those who paid or tried to pay “as Guests”:

  • To enter this page, the visitor must insert his e-mail and a unique code (token) that has been sent to him from the system to this e-mail. Of course, this unique code is valid and referred every time at the certain payment attempt for which it has been created. For otherpayments, there are other token numbers.


  • Mini cart of purchases

After the entry of a pro forma to be paid data at the “Payments” and its add to “Payments Cart”, a sign appears at the up and right area of the site in a blue background that pro forma have been inserted and there are referred: the number of invoices to be paid and their total amount.

If you click with the mouse this sign, then a mini cart of invoices to be paid is unfolded from up to down, that has the buttons “Checkout” and “View Cart”. If you press “Checkout”, then the process of payment completion starts, while if you press “View Cart”, then the page “Payments Cart” opens and you can see analytically the inserted data in the cart.